Web Hosting Acquisitions

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Web Hosting Acquisitions

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web hosting acquisitionsProven Web Hosting Acquisitions

  • Maine Hosting Solutions has successfully completed several web hosting acquisitions over the past years, starting with CommTel in 2002, Ace of Space in 2005, GWI’s web hosting division in 2010, eHost in 2018, plus several other smaller hosting acquisitions.


A Good Move For Your Clients

  • Maine Hosting Solutions uses a redundant hosting environment located here in Maine, Montreal, New York, Texas, and Utah, all using our dynamic DNS structure. We provide 1st-in-class customer service and support 24/7/365, staffed right here in Maine. Your clients will receive the best products, services and support the industry has to offer.


Moving Forward

  • If you are considering selling your web hosting accounts please complete the following form to get started. All information your provide is FULLY CONFIDENTIAL. One of the first steps we take is the completion of a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect you and your clients. Please call and speak with Daniel Eosco, Benjamin Burden or David Koenig at 207-442-9006, we will be more than happy to work with any company from 5 clients to 5,000.


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