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Strategies from the PROS

Social Media Marketing TrainingThis personal Social Media Marketing Training session is designed to provide an in-depth look into the world of social networking and how to setup, assess and capitalize on the social media marketing tools provided by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Those in traditional media readily understand the incalculable value of word of mouth. Social marketing is simply word-of-mouth translated into an online context. It’s time to learn how social network marketing can enhance your online word of mouth.

  • Participants will create accounts with each selected social network and learn how to network, post topics, and manage their personal settings.

Who needs Social Media Marketing Training?

  • Real Estate Agents – promote properties, open houses
  • Restaurant Owners – promote specials and events
  • Designers – promote new designs
  • Small Business Owners – promote products, attract visitors
  • Bloggers – generate fresh traffic to their sites

Social Media Marketing Training Highlights

  • Learn what social networking can do for your business
  • Create Accounts at FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn
  • Learn tips and tricks to drive traffic and stay popular
  • Discussion of the pros and cons of each social network
  • Tips for helping businesses develop their “Niche” and drive qualified traffic to their websites
  • Recommended software to optimize and simplify your social media delivery.


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