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Multiple Data Centers for Robust Backups and Redundant DNS Routing

Maine Web Hosting

  • Our data centers are carefully chosen to include, dual backup power sources, redundant cooling, minimum of 3 carrier providers with proven connectivity uptime records, full remote and physical access to all equipment. This vetting of Data Centers assures that your Web Hosting Technology is housed in an environment that meets our strict standards. (see below)

MINIMUM Data Center Specs:
Equipment, Protection & Redundancy

  • Data centers are staffed 24/7/365 with Double Door Mantrap Security Entrance
  • Data centers are protected with a 10C Inergen Fire Suppression System
  • Data centers are protected with dual backup cooling systems to maintain a constant temperature of 65F, cooled raised flooring and racks
  • Each Data center is connected with multiple failover data providers for 100% connectivity to the internet.
  • Spare Servers, Drives, Processors and Ram on hand for quick replacement of any failed equipment
  • All physical dedicated servers are suited with Dual Raid 1 Mirrored Drives for full data redundancy within the server
  • Automatic same drive backups via cPanel, daily and weekly Backups
  • Automatic nightly Network Storage Devise (NAS) Backups to our 10TB Raid 6 NAS
  • 30 Minute Backup 110V battery power failover
  • Dual diesel generators that can over power the entire datacenter with automatic failover
  • Nightly, Weekly or Monthly OFF network backups provided upon request

cpanel web hosting

Ultimate End User Web Hosting Technology – We give you the tools you need

  • cPanel & WebHost Manager (WHM) is a next generation web hosting control panel system. Both cPanel & WHM are extremely feature rich as well as include an easy to use web based interface (GUI).


All data on the MHS Network is stored via a THREE Point Backup Solution

  • Fast, reliable, and secure data backups.
  • All accounts are backed up nightly for a continuous 30 days.
  • Restore any file, anytime.


A leaner and meaner version of Linux, with proven power and stability.

  • Centos uses the RHEL build which makes it pretty identical to Red Hat, bet gives us greater control. With servers running in multiple data centers, we assure that everything is unified across our entire environment to assure the best industry stability we can offer.

Isolate tenants and increases server security:

  • Users don’t see other users on the server
  • No symlinks attacks
  • Users are caged and have access only to safe files
  • Users can see only their own processes
  • No SUID files at all
  • Prevent large number of attacks against server
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Jacob Korb - Executive Director Main Street Bath

Dan and the team at Maine Hosting Solutions walked our organization step by step through the redesign process as we built our new website. The customer service provided by their team was and continues to be outstanding. No matter how small the question may be a member of their team always takes time to give a complete answer. The quality of the product offered by Maine Hosting is outstanding and I would recommend them to anyone! ~ Main Street Bath... Read More

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