Technology & Network Structure

100% Server Uptime Guaranteed
90 Day Recurring Backups

Maine Hosting Technology

Multiple Data Centers for Robust Backups and Redundant DNS Routing

  • Maine TechnologyOur data centers are carefully chosen to include, dual backup power sources, redundant cooling, minimum of 3 carrier providers with proven connectivity uptime records, full remote and physical access to all equipment. This vetting of Data Centers assures that your Web Hosting Technology is housed in an environment that meets our strict standards.


MINIMUM Data Center Specs:

Equipment, Protection & Redundancy

  • Data centers are staffed 24/7/365 with Double Door Mantrap Security Entrance.
  • Data centers are protected with a 10C Inergen Fire Suppression System.
  • Data centers are protected with dual backup cooling systems to maintain a constant temperature of 65F, cooled raised flooring and racks.
  • Each Data center is connected with multiple failover data providers for 100% connectivity to the internet.
  • Spare Servers, Drives, Processors and Ram on hand for quick replacement of any failed equipment.
  • All physical dedicated servers have a minimum of Dual Raid 1 Mirrored SSD Drives for full data redundancy within the server.
  • NEW Shared web hosting production servers have a minimum of 48 processor cores, 256GB of Ram, 8 SSD Raid 5 Drives. The ultimate in redundancy.
  • 30 Minute Backup 110/240V battery power failover
  • Dual diesel generators that can over power the entire datacenter with automatic failover for a minimum of 72 hrs without refuelling.


  • Our entire network sits behind a robust firewall!
  • Continual scanning of our network is done in realtime automatically detecting and mitigating any threatening files.
  • Our Anti Spam Engine continually ensures your incoming and outgoing email is virus and malware free.

Data Backups

  • We host one of the most aggressive data backup storage systems in the industry at NO Additional Cost to our users.
  • Automatic same drive backups via cPanel, daily and weekly Backups
  • Automatic nightly Network Storage Devise (NAS) Backups to our 36TB Raid 6 NAS Cloud Storage Array.
  • Multiple Backups
    • 90 Days of FULL Backups, easily restore any file, or entire directory at anytime.
    • Monthly backups going back a full 12 months
    • Via cPanel you can easily restore any file, directory, email, or databae from any of these data points.

Security and Data Backups are NEVER an Addon or Upsell, these are included FREE on every web hosting plan we offer.

Web Hosting Technology

Control Panel

  • Ultimate End User Web Hosting Technology – We give you the tools you need
  • cPanel is a next generation web hosting control panel system. cPanel is an extremely feature rich as well as include an easy to use web based interface (GUI).

Online Backups

  • 90 Days, with 90 Restore Points of any file, or your entire account, PLUS 12 Monthly Backups!!
  • Our system offers 90 Day Continuous Backups on every web hosting account. Proof that MHS continues to bring our customers the best solutions with NO additional fees.
    Cent OS Web Servers

    Web Server Ecceleration

    • Web server software designed for maximum performance and stability.
    • Web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more.
    • What makes our WordPress Hosting Awesome!!
    Cloud Linux Hosting

    Hybrid VPS

    • Isolate tenants and increases server security
    • Users don’t see other users on the server
    • Users are caged and have access only to safe files
    • Users can see only their own processes
    Maine Hosting Solutions