Meet Our Team

From Server Management, WHM, cPanel, WordPress, Divi, SEO, Support, Domains, our team has the dedication and experience.

Maine Hosting Employees


Vice President Operations

Dave handles much of the day-to-day operations here at Maine Hosting Solutions. He has an extensive training background and has been working with and providing training in WordPress here for over ten years. Dave also oversees our Acquisitions Team and Support Departments. Having been an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in the United States Navy, he is very good at defusing crisis situations.


SysAdmin / Level 10 Tech / Encyclopedia

Jason has been with Maine Hosting Solutions since 2001, since our acquisition of CommTel. He has been critical in the configuration of various platforms as we continue to improve our infrastructure and acquire new accounts. We continue to assess what Jason does here; no one can really figure it out. At some point we think Jason became a computer.


Accounting / Domain Specialist / Mom

Linda, among her other talents, has an extensive background in bookkeeping and accounting. In addition to keeping us on track, as a Domain Specialist she has helped hundreds of domain name owners regain control and ownership of their domain names. Don’t mess with Linda.


Designer / Problem Creator / Problem Solver

Kurt worked for us back in the early 2000’s and rejoined the team after travelling the work in 2015. His travels have enhanced his design depth and we’re glad to have him back. Kurt knows more about the Divi Theme we use in WordPress more than just about anyone. Many of clients have worked directly with Kurt to get just the right website layout they want, and everyone has been just super happy.


Owner / Visionary / Marketing

Dan has a special skill of promoting businesses online and he’s been honing this skill since 1996. With his continued involvement in technologies that maximize usability and accessibility when serving, optimizing and developing websites, he has been connected with every aspect of a business’ online and offline growth. Dan is also responsible for researching and promoting new products that will enhance a customer’s presence on the internet, as well as being SEO Masters Certified. Dan thinks his A.D.D. helps him manage dozens of projects at once, something does.


Lead Programmer / AKA Godthor

Tony has been working in PHP programming language for over 10 years and has been building custom modules for WordPress during the past seven years. Recently Tony has completed the programming for two of our Flagship WordPress Plugins; WP Membership Manager and WP Reservation Manager, and he continues to release cool plugins on a monthly basis. If Tony smiles you know something really good happened, but he’s really good at making other people smile with the very cool stuff he builds. Tony is also SEO Masters Certified.


Owner / Reality Checker / Developer

Benjamin has a broad knowledge of the various aspects involved in having a successful online presence. Starting with the web server environment that serves all our clients to the world, Benjamin oversees the team responsible for the stability and health of all our systems. He has brought several new technologies to our clients including our exclusive AntiSpam Engine. Benjamin also serves as Dan’s polar opposite which contributes to the company’s well run atmosphere.