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What is SSL?

  • SSL/HTTPS (via SSL Security Certificate) is a form of web encryption that secures the connection between the user and the site they are visiting. Websites and ad networks served without encryption are vulnerable to malware injection, a common tactic for low-level cyber-criminals.

Why do I need SSL?

  • As we’ve been announcing, Chrome’s design shift is the latest move in a multi-pronged push by Google for more encryption on the web. Google has also subtly boosted SSL enabled sites in search rankings since 2014, a significant incentive for webmasters to adopt the protocol.
  • Web browsers now listing all unencrypted sites as explicitly “Not Secure”, with its latest release of Chrome 68.  Websites now display a “Not Secure” image in the address bar of sites not using a SSL Security Certificate (HTTPS).
  • Regardless of whether your site deals in credit card or other sensitive data, Google has made the determination that they are moving forward with the stance of SSL throughout the WWW. The remaining major browser makers (Firefox, IE, Safari) are following suit.

Who has SSL?

  • Google’s own HTTPS statistics show that 84 percent of pages loaded by US Chrome users are currently using SSL Certificates, compared to just 47 percent in July 2015. Is your site one of the 84 percent that is encrypted? If not, it should be.



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