Server Management

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Server Management

Managed Services Include:

  • custom database development24/7 Full Server Monitoring

    • Email, Twitter DM, Slack Notifications
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support- Phone & Email Help Desk

    • Guaranteed humans here to help you!
  • 24x7x365 Reboot Service

    • If your server ever goes down for any reason, we can reboot it physically or by using a reboot port to get you back up in running.
    • Reboots happen within 15 minutes of requests!
  • We solve Technical Issues to WHM/CPanel

    • We will perform updates to the system compatibility checks for the system, bug patching, error debugging, etc….
  • Software Upgrades to the Backend Server

    • We perform upgrades to PHP, WHM/cPanel, Kernel, Mysql, Apache, Perl, FTP, Exim, etc….
  • New Server Setup

    • When you get a new server, we’ll perform the initial setup and completely configure the bare server to your specs!
  • Restores of Server Backups

    • Should you ever need a restore, we can restore all backups returning your server to normal.
  • Recovery from Hacks or Disaster

    • In case your server ever gets hacked or crashes, we can find the cause and, using backups, rebuild your system.
  • Migration of Information from one Server to another Server

    • If you ever need to move accounts from one server to another server, we can perform the migration for you. To do this, we will need root access and cPanel running on both servers.

System Security:

Hardening and Optimization upon request 

  • RootKit Hunter – system scanning tool to watch for any exploits or “backdoors”
  • APF Firewall – a policy based iptables firewall system (we also can install CSF Firewall on request)
  • CHKRootKit – hacker detection software that notifies you via email if any hack has been detected
  • Configuration of Anti-DoS for APF Firewall – helps stop denial of service (DOS) attacks
  • Installation of Log Analysis Software – With detailed daily email reports
  • System Integrity Monitor – An Internal Monitor that checks all services on the server 24×7 and restarts them if necessary
  • SPRI – Priority changing software to increase server performance
  • Securing / Upgrading SSH Server – increased security for ssh connections
  • Mod_Evasive – installed upon request, defends against http based attacks
  • Tightening of PHP – modifies php to run in a safer, restricted environment (on request)
  • Unused software removal- preventing potential hacks or wasted resources
  • Hardening of FTP – secure and upgrade ftp software
  • Optimization of MySQL – performance increase for MySQL
  • Old Log Removal – deleting old logs can increase available space
  • Hardening of sysctl.conf – TCP/IP stacks are vulnerable to syn-flood attacks and network abuse, this helps prevent intrusion
  • Root Logger – emails you upon root access to the server with timestamp and ip address. The information is also kept in a server log
  • Optimization of Apache (HTTP) – Security steps and modification giving better performance for apache and preventing unnecessary information from being seen easily
  • Hardening of host.conf – adding spoofing protection and preventing dns lookup poisoning
  • Hardening of TMP Directory – assists in the prevention of malicious script execution
  • Password Scanner – scans the server for common or easy to guess passwords
  • Filemanager – giving you the ability to edit system files within the WHM in case SSH isn’t available
  • Admin for Firewall – giving you the ability to edit the firewall allow & deny list and configuration within the WHM
  • Brute Force Detection – Lets you know when there are repetitive login authentication failures and automatically blocks the offending ip in the firewall
  • MyTOP – monitors MySQL threads and processes
  • MultiTail – allows you to view multiple log files at the same time
  • Mod_Security – offers protection from common url based hack injections (on request)
  • Memory Hog/Shell Fork Bomb Protection – preventing single users logged into a shell from using up all the resources on the server
  • nsswitch.conf modification – optimize and secure DNS lookups more!

The security software installed on our Managed Servers generally sufficient to harden your server, however if you have special needs we will be happy to install other software as well!!

Add Managed Services to any server we offer for $25/mo and have the satisfaction that have your server management needs covered.

What is not included:

  • Support or upgrades to any third party software
  • Support or upgrades to any third party software installed by a user
  • Support or upgrades to any third party software ecommerce related, unless otherwise specified by MHS
  • Backups beyond 30 days on all servers
  • Response to support tickets submitted by a third party
  • Any technical support provided outside of the scope of services listed above


*Terms of this agreement may change without notice