PCI Compliant Web Hosting

PCI Compliant Web Hosting
What is PCI Compliance?

  • It’s adherence of the rules set forth by Visa, Master Card, American Express and others in the credit card industry. Their basic goal is for everyone who is accepting credit cards to follow the same set of standards. This is to assure that credit card information submitted by your client cannot be compromised in the process of handling their transaction with you.

Who has to be PCI Compliant, and use PCI Compliant Web Hosting?

  • Everyone who has any contact with credit card information, including websites which automatically transmit credit card data to an authorized gateway.
  • Your website must be audited on a quarterly basis and must submit PCI compliant quarterly reports.

PCI Compliant Certified

Maine Hosting Solutions exclusive PCI Compliant Hosting Includes:

  • PCI Compliant Software Audits of your eCommerce Software
  • Security Certificate Audit
  • PCI Compliance Scans Via:
    • Control Scan
    • TrustWave
    • Applicure
  • Additional Protection:
    • Redundant Offsite Backups
    • Secure FTP Only – sFTP
    • Continuous Antivirus Scanning
    • Anti-Spam Filters
  • Hosting Package Specs

Call for a complete PCI Compliance Consultation: 1-888-200-8008
This service requires qualification of your business with various vendors.

Order PCI Compliant Web Hosting Now – $99.95/mo

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