In a post on Google’s official blog, Google announced the addition of mobile-friendly factors to the ranking algorithm. How will this change affect the rankings of your web pages and what do you have to do to benefit from this change? What exactly has Google announced? Starting on 21 April 2015, Google will be using

How long does it take to get a first page Google ranking? That’s a question that we often hear. There is no general answer to this question. It depends on many different factors. This article helps you to get a realistic timeline for your SEO goals. What’s the current state of your website? The time

Introducing Shopp SEO

Thursday, 05 February 2015 by

Our WordPress Development Team is proud to release Shopp SEO V1.0 Shopp SEO is developed to bridge the gap between Shopp and WordPress SEO by Yoast. WordPress SEO by Yoast does not integrate with Shopp fully and this plugin fixes that. Shopp SEO will provide you with meta fields for products and categories within Shopp.

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Announcing WebSEO FREE

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Get WebSEO FREE THE BEST SEO TOOLS Check out our exclusive web-based Internet Marketing platform designed for individuals who optimize their own websites, as well as for large digital marketing agencies, that offer full online promotion packages to their clients. Click Here To Create Your WebSEO FREE Account What’s Inside WebSEO FREE Click Here To Create Your

Demo the World’s Best Website Builder

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Introducing the World’s BEST Website Builder, included with EVERY Web Hosting Plan: BuildYourWebsite.Today Key Features: 1.) SELECT Choose the site design you want to use from a range of hundreds of pre-made, high quality templates. 2.) USE Add your own text and images into your template. Let the world know how great your company is! 3.) PUBLISH When

SEO Evolution 1994-2014 [Infographic]

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Silicon Valley’s major tech companies are teaming up against Google, everyone wants a piece of the action, and Google is standing in the way. The EU is vying to break up Google saying the giant is creating to many barriers to entry for smaller competitors and startup, stifling innovation. And now with Apple the plot thickens: Less

We Are SO Excited!!!

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Announcing FREE Domain Registration with EVERY NEW Web Hosting Account! Yes, that’s right, get a FREE .COM, .NET or .ORG with any hosting package you order now until the end of the year. Professional Grade Web Hosting Plans with 24/7/365 Support, Online Website Builder and 100% Uptime GET YOUR FREE DOMAIN TODAY Each Hosting Plan ALSO includes

The home page of your website is the most important page of your site. It’s the page that most people will see. Your home page must convince visitors that your website is interesting and it must enable visitors to find the other pages of your site. Your home page is not made for keyword optimization

TOP 10 Local Search Factors

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 by

Local Search is very different from Regional, Global or National Search. Here’s a quick little explanation of the differences. Local Searches are VERY different than broader Regional, National or Global Searches, ie: the inclusion of City/State/Zip at the beginning or end of a search input (Book Stores vs Book Stores Portland Maine). Once a users enters

Google announces another Panda update

Tuesday, 07 October 2014 by

In a post on Google+, Google’s Pierre Far announced the latest version of Google’s Panda update. How will this update affect the rankings of your web pages on Google? What can you do to make sure that your web pages get better rankings? What is Google’s Panda update? Google’s ‘Panda’ algorithm is a filter that

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