Dreamweaver - SFTP Setup (ftp)

Connecting via SFTP in Dreamweaver 

Customers utilizing DreamWeaver for site development and uploading will need to make sure they've updated their settings to connect via SFTP since weve disabled regular ftp on our servers due to pci compliance requirements.

This article covers the latest release of DreamWeaver, version CS5 as well as older versions MX, CS3 and CS4 at the bottom.

  • To connect with with sftp in dreamweaver go to Site - Manage Sites then select your websites profile and click edit.
  • From there go to the servers option, it will be the second one down.  Then double click on your ftp server.
  • From there you will be on the basic window.  Select SFTP under the connect using dropdown menu and replace port 21 with 2900 for the port option.
  • Make sure you are logging in with the main cpanel username and password and that the root directory is set to public_html/ or if your site is published to a subdirectory of public_html/ that this directory is set there correctly as well.
  • You can use the test button there to make sure your settings are correct.
  • This should now allow you to connect with sftp in dreamweaver and publish your site or any changes youve made.

Older versions of Dreamweaver MX/CS3/CS4

If you are using DreamWeaver CS3 or CS4 please follow these steps.

  • Select Site > Manage Sites
  • Click New and select Site to set up a new site, or select an existing Dreamweaver site and click Edit.
  • In the Site Definition dialog box, select the Advanced tab and click the Remote Info category.
  • Select FTP from the Access drop down menu.
  • In the FTP Host text box, enter your domain name follwed by :2900 like so.
  • yourdomain.com:2900
  • If you are behind a firewall check Use Firewall.
  • Make sure to select the Use Secure FTP (SFTP) checkbox at the bottom.

You should now be able to connect via SFTP in DreamWeaver MX, CS3, CS4 or CS5

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