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You should have recently received notification from HyperMedia about the upcoming transition of all HyperMedia web hosting accounts and associated services to Maine Hosting Solutions. During this transition there will be NO interruption in your services.

At the present time, our technicians are working hard reviewing each and every account. We want to make sure we have everything in place to facilitate a completely smooth transition which is scheduled to be completed by July 1st.

We realize there is a lot of information contained within this email. We respectfully ask that you take the time to read it as it really will answer a lot of questions you may have, and we also suggest that you keep it handy to refer back to.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to call us at 207-442-9006. 

Accessing Your New Client Area Portal and Setting a Password

We have set up an account for you in our system which we refer to as the Client Area Portal. Within this portal you will be able to manage all aspects of your account such as opening support tickets, view and editing contact information, view invoices, update credit card information as applicable, and access your website’s cPanel which allows you to manage the various features of your hosting account.

Client AreaHow To Access the Client Area Portal

1. Please click this link:

2. Enter your email address: (your email address)  and click the Submit button.

3. You will then receive an email with instructions on setting a password.

(For security, we require passwords be at least 8 characters, a combination of upper and lower case, at least 1 number and 1 special character such as ! or #)

4. Once the new password has been set, you will be automatically logged into your Client Area Portal. We recommend you bookmark (save as Favorite) the Portal Page.

Exploring the Client Area Portal

The Client Area Portal facilitates all functions of your account with us. The menu bar across the top contains helpful links to different sections. We encourage you to take a few minutes to explore each one, we would like to focus on a few of them here:

1. Please click on the “Hello” menu on the upper right hand side and review/update your contact information and credit card details as applicable.

2. Under the Services Menu selecting My Services will display details about your hosting account(s) . Clicking on the green MANAGE button will show further detailed information about the hosting package including viewing/resetting your cPanel/SFTP username and password (simply scroll down). There is an ACTIONS section on the left hand side with a direct link to log into cPanel along with other helpful links. There are also cPanel icon shortcuts right on the page.

3. There are several menus which provide Support information to assist you. You can open a support ticket, track statuses, view our catalogue of support videos and as always, there is a Live Online Chat function at the bottom of every page.

4. The Domains Menu contains information about your domain (if it is registered with us). We will be taking custody of several domains over the next few weeks, so your domain may not show up in this section for a couple of weeks.

cPanel and Accessing/Updating Your Website

1. Our web hosting platform utilizes a control panel called cPanel. cPanel allows you to manage all kinds of things with your hosting account. For more information on cPanel, please visit our cPanel User Guide.

2. HyperMedia utilized cPanel for its accounts so you are most likely already familiar with it. Please be aware that your cPanel/website password has not changed with the migration.

3. Although the passwords remain unchanged, we do not support plain FTP for security reasons. We support accessing your website via SFTP or Secure FTP via port 2900. Most modern FTP and website applications support SFTP. For more information, please visit our SFTP Knowledge Base via the Support Menu in the Client Portal.

4. If you use a CMS such as WordPress, your admin login information will stay the same and you can edit your site as usual.

Billing Information

1. We are an email billing company, we do not send out invoices via regular mail. We do accept both credit card and check payments. To update your credit card information, please log into the Client Area Portal as outlined above.

2. Web Hosting Billing: We are keeping the same billing periodicity for all services that you have had with HyperMedia. If you have any questions about billing, please contact our Billing Office at 207-442-9006.

3. Domain Name Billing: We send out renewal notifications 60 days prior to renewing a domain name and send invoices 30 days prior to due date. Our policy is to lock and automatically renew a domain name unless otherwise directed by the owner. This policy keeps you from losing your domain name if we lose contact with you for whatever reason.

**If you do not wish to renew a domain name, please let us know once you receive the 60 day renewal notice.

Contacting Us

1. Our Sales and Billing offices are open Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 EST. Our Support Department personnel are available 24/7/365 via phone, email: and Live Chat at (you can also open a support ticket to any department from within your Client Area Portal)

2. FMI on contacting us, information on support and to view our extensive Knowledge Base complete with video tutorials, please visit our Support Page.

3. If you have any immediate questions or concerns about the transition, we encourage you to respond to this email. To speak to one of our Transition Team Representatives, please give us a call at your convenience. Our admin offices are open Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 EST.

With warm regards and a sincere welcome to Maine Hosting Solutions,

Owner Daniel Eosco
Owner Benjamin Burden
And the entire MHS Team

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