How to ADD a User to your Google Analytics Account

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By Team MHS

March 12, 2020

Adding a User to your Google Analytics Account:

Want to share your Google Analytics with an employee, webmaster, or the website owner? It’s easy, and it make Analytics collaboration easy and effective.

  1. Login to your Google Analytics AccountHow to ADD a User to your Google Analytics Account
  2. Select the Account you would like to add a user to.
  3. Click the orange Admin button in the top right.
  4. Select Users
  5. Select New User
  6. Enter users email address (must be a Google user already)
  7. Choose whether you want them as a User (view only) or an Admin. (Choose Admin for MHS Access)
  8. Select Create User

The user is then notified of the invitation to this Google Analytics Profile. Once accepted they will have access to the account as a User or Admin.

You may also see these instructions on Google’s Support site.

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