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Our TOP 5 Easiest Search Engine Optimization Tips

Our TOP 5 Easiest Search Engine Optimization Tips
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Search Engine Optimization TipsHere’s 5 easy internal linking tips that will improve your search engine rankings!

Most search engine spiders do not type into your search boxes and they do not use pull down menus. The following tips will help you to make sure that search engine spiders will index your web pages correctly:

  1. Use simple text links to link to your web pages – Most search engines cannot index fancy Flash or JavaScript menus.
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TOP 4 Rules: How to get a #1 Ranking on Google!

TOP 4 Rules: How to get a #1 Ranking on Google!
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A number 1 ranking in Google’s search results for the right keyword can mean a lot of visitors and a lot of sales. That’s why so many people want to be on Google’s first result page.

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Unfortunately, many people still don’t know what it takes to convince Google that your website is more relevant than the millions of other websites on the Internet.… Read the rest

Stumbling Blocks to Web Site Success

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stumbling blocks to seoThere are many reasons a web site might just sit there and fail to achieve its goals. Some might be big and structural, such as not clearly defining the site’s objectives in the first place. Others might be small, like broken links or an unnecessary splash page. If you’re not happy with your web site’s performance, keep reading; you just might find your cause right here.

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