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Top 5 ways how to use AWstats

How to use AWstats There are many perks to being a Maine Hosting Solutions customer but one of the MANY amazing features that we often overlook is AWstats. AWstats is included in cPanel on every hosting account. Simply login to your cPanel and click on the AWStats...

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Domain Registration Scams!

Domain Registration Scams NEVER Seem to End! Always Look Twice Before Crossing The Streets of Domain Registry:  So, you reach into your mailbox and mixed in with all of your bills, magazines and assorted junk mail you notice a pretty authentic looking envelope from...

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Why You Really Need to Stop Using Public Wi-Fi

In today’s busy world, convenience seems to outweigh consequence, especially with how people use their mobile devices. Using free public Wi-Fi networks, for example, comes with any number of serious security risks, yet surveys show that the overwhelming majority of Americans do it anyway. In a study by, a whopping three-quarters of people admitted to […]

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WooCommerce vs Shopify – Pricing, Hosting, Secuirty

WooCommerce vs Shopify; they meet head to head as features go. Here are the differences that we think are important: WooCommerce vs Shopify Pricing: WooCommerce is free, and you pay for the addons you will need. Shopify has a monthly base price, with monthly addons...

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What does that website error code mean?

Most Common Website Error Codes Explained When a browser requests a service from a web server, an error might occur. This is a list of HTTP status messages that might be returned: 1xx Error - Informational Request received, continuing process. This class of status...

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