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Updated on March 13, 2022
Posted by Team MHS

Social Media Statistics

Here are some Interesting Social Media Statistics for Businesses that we found at Social Media Today. These stats are compelling to business who are leveraging their social media presence to increase revenues.

Facebook Social Media Statistics

  • Facebook has 2.80 billion monthly active users (Facebook, 2021)
  • There are more than 200 million small businesses around the world using Facebook’s tools (Facebook, 2021)
  • 77 percent of B2C companies and 43 percent of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook.
  • 80 percent of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook.
  • 25 percent of users on Facebook don’t bother with any kind of privacy control.
  • 98.3 percent of Facebook users access the social media platform via their mobile devices (DataReportal, 2021)

Social Media StatisticsTwitter

  • Twitter’s user count is expected to grow upwards of 329 million in 2022
  • 85% of Twitter’s audience earn more than $30,000 and 34% earn $75,000 or above
  • 56 percent of customer tweets to companies are being ignored.
  • 34 percent of marketers have generated leads using Twitter.
  • Running ads on Twitter is fairly cheap and won’t destroy your ad budget. The average CPM is $6.46.


  • Users on Instagram spend 257 minutes using the app, as opposed to the 169.9 minutes spent on Twitter.
  • 40 percent of brands have adopted Instagram for marketing.
  • Of the top brands, 20 percent surveyed had 10,000 or more followers.


  • Over 80 percent of pins are repins.
  • Pinterest referrals spend 70 percent more money than visitors referred from non-social channels.
  • Out of 17 million brand engagements, 15 percent occurred on the brand’s boards and 85 percent occurred elsewhere on Pinterest.

Our Social Media Statistics Conclusion

Social networks are now so well established, that there are now a core ‘top 5’ social networks which doesn’t change much from year-to-year. But, as we’ll see in this post, the most popular social media sites vary a lot by level of usage in different countries and demographics. So understanding these differences in popularity of different social networks is really important when targeting specific audiences. When comparing social media statistics of most popular social networks it’s best to review them by active account usage, not just the number of user accounts. We’ll also see in this summary that some social networks are growing more rapidly than others while some are now in decline.

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