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December 29, 2020

Cloud Image EditingFirst we’d like to talk about how Online Imaged Editors work in the Cloud (or Online):

Everyone has a different definition of “the cloud”, a different mission, or a different bandwagon to jump on. Cloud this, Cloud that, it’s all what you want it to be today. The truth is that the Cloud has been around for over a decade, we’ve all been using it since the first time you logged onto a chat room, or used webmail, here we’re referring to Cloud Computing, whereas the software you are using is NOT on YOUR computer, but on a Computer/Server housed remotely.

In the past couple of years Cloud Computing has grown exponentially for two major reasons:

  1. Bandwidth – The growth of internet bandwidth globally has grown huge with Cable, DSL and Satellite providers, most of us are not using “dialup” anymore (sorry if your in the boonies and still using dialup). These high speeds allow us to interact with remote software faster and with greater reliability and SATISFACTION.
  2. Netbooks (Chromebooks) – Second is the number of stripped down “Netbooks” that have hit the market, these computers have very little onboard resources (small processors, ram and hard drives) and rely greatly on the use of Cloud Computing, they are built to work online whenever you’re connected to the internet using webmail and a browser as the primary onboard software.

Online Image Editing in the Cloud

The next big thing we’ve found is more powerful software running in the Cloud. Image editing software is complex, computer resource intensive, and in most cases costly to purchase a software license. Several vendors have now ventured into the Cloud to offer their image editing software. No downloads, no license fees.

Following are a couple of FREE Online Image Editors we’ve found worthy of sharing:

Online Editing with Photoshop Express

Online Editing with Photoshop Express

First is Editor by – A slimmed down version of what looks like Adobe Photoshop, can be used from virtually any web browser, it has a quick interface and allows you to publish your image to various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and others, as well as save it to your hard drive.

Photoshop Express Editor

Next up is Photoshop Express Editor – From the leader in desktop image editing comes an online consumer editor that is full of features and filters that will please most users. One thing we really liked about the Express Editor is the attached Photo Library that Adobe offers, you can save all of your edited images online, with version saves so you have your original as well.

Kopage Website Builder with Adobe Imaged Editor

adobe image editorLastly we need to mention the Adobe Imaged Editor that is included in the Kopage Website Builder. Kopage is the only online website builder we know of that has a full featured web based imaged editor powered by Adobe. Combined with the advanced features of Kopage and the Adobe Image Editor you get a full featured website building experience that beats Wix and Squarespace hands down.

These are just two of the best online image editors that we’ve chosen to review. A simple search on Google for Online Image Editors will turn up a few more. We do a lot of WordPress training here at MHS and we’re now recommending that our clients use one of these online services for their image editing needs. You can manage your website content from any computer using WordPress, and now you can manage, edit and compress all of your images online from any computer using one of these Cloud Computing services for your online image editing needs.

If you’ve used an online image editor please let us know about your experience in the comments below. 

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