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Updated on March 16, 2022
Posted by Team MHS

No matter how good your company is, some people will always write something negative about your site, even if you tried your best to help them. So here at the best ways To Deal With BAD Reviews:

dealing with bad reviews

  • Some customers might write negative comments about your company in their blogs or some of your competitors might like to damage your reputation by creating fake comments about your site.

  • What can you do if web pages with negative comments appear on Google’s first result page for your company name?

  • How do you monitor reviews? Check out our Local Listing Service, we provide you with a portal that shows ALL of your reviews across all review sites like Google, Facebook, BBB, AboutUs and more. You can easily be notified of review then manage and respond to reviews right away.

1. Fix the problem

  • If people write negative reviews about your company, the first thing that you should do is to fix the problem that caused the negative review.

2. It doesn’t hurt to ask

  • Send the webmaster of the web page with the negative review a polite email and ask for removal of the negative comments. Many webmasters will cooperate if you explain the issue.

3. Give web pages with positive comments a boost

  • If the webmaster does not want to remove the negative review, find websites that contain positive comments about your site. Link to these pages from your own website to increase the link popularity of these pages. The more links the pages with the positive reviews have, the higher they will be ranking in the search results. If appropriate, bookmark web pages with positive remarks about your website on social bookmark sites such as Digg and Delicious.

4. Ask for testimonials from happy customers

  • If you receive positive feedback from customers, ask them to write a review on, or similar sites.

5. Add your website to company wiki pages

  • Websites like allow you to create an article about your company. If your company is important enough, you might even create an entry in Wikipedia. These Wiki pages will also appear in the search results when someone searches for your company name.

6. Make sure that your own website tops the search results

Removing negative comments from the search engine results can take some time. It’s best to avoid negative experiences at the outset by providing high quality products and good customer support.

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