MHS Support SLA

(Service Level Agreement)

support slaYour business website is crucial. We get that. Downtime and disruption are bad for business, and you want confidence that your chosen hosting provider is taking their responsibility to your business seriously. The Maine Hosting Solutions Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been designed to give you peace of mind. Our Support SLA covers the various support coverage you can expect from our team.

24/7/365 Support is available to all web hosting and web design clients at no cost unless specified below:

Customer Support SLA Commitment

MHS is committed to providing an exceptional level of support for the whole lifecycle of customer website and Email services. Our 24/7/365 Critical Hosting Issues Support Line will be always ready to respond to any critical issues that you might be experiencing with our service. All non critical issues will be responded to within 24 hours.

Service disruption caused by customer actions

MHS cannot be held liable in the event of service outages caused by direct customer actions. Although there are limitations on the manipulation of critical server configuration files, server settings, etc. that a customer is allowed, if any customerʹs actions directly result in service outage, MHS will not compensate any customer affected by this outage. It is up to the customer to think of the consequences related to his/her actions. DNS service expiration, DNS legal disputes, Web pages deletions and/or overrides through Web pages edits or by means of an FTP account are just some examples of such mischief.

Third Party Software/Plugin Support

In some cases third party software that has been installed by you or a third party may not qualify under this Support SLA Agreement. When third party software is installed on a clients site the client assumes all responsibility for that software, its function, and/or failure. In most cases we can easily fix third part software quickly in which case there is no charge for service. However, if the third party software/plugin is malfunctioning and requires in-depth technical support that takes more than 30 minutes you will be notified in advance that there may be a service charge assessed.

Any third part software/plugin issues may need the assistance of a developer in which case the issue will be resolved during normal business ours: Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST, excluding any statutory holidays.

Response Time Support SLA’s – For all Services

MHS web hosting and web design customers are covered by three types of initial response time guarantees.

Our Average Response time is less than 5 minutes!

In almost every case we respond almost immediately! Our track record proves that. However, our legal guarantee states:

  • Help Desk Initial Response Time Guarantee (15 Minutes)
  • Phone Answer Time Guarantee (15 Minutes)
  • LiveChat Initial Response Time Guarantee (15 Minutes)

Revisions of this SLA

This SLA will be in effect indefinitely but may be superseded by a revised SLA, at the discretion of MHS, at any time. All revisions to this SLA will be announced by Email and any major changes to this SLA will be announced by Email at least one month before the change is to go into effect.


Maine Hosting Solutions Inc. cannot be held liable for damages under any circumstances not specifically identified in this agreement. Maine Hosting Solutions Inc. cannot be held liable for the content or electronic files found on customer websites.

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