MHS Limitations of Liability

1. Service Outages

  • Maine Hosting Solutions strives to provide the best service and uptime possible to our clients. As with anything, there is the potential for unforeseen outages. We will compensate for these unforeseen outages that cause services to be unavailable more than .1% of the time as calculated over any month period (99.9% uptime guarantee) by adding one month of hosting service onto your account.

2. MHS Custom Programming

  • MHS can be commissioned to program functionality into a website. Any programming that is executed by us is warranted for a period of 90 days to perform to your satisfaction as specified in the request for work performed. While testing is part of the process it is the clients responsibility to make sure the software behaves as expected. After that 90 day period of time, if the programming needs to be upgraded for security, performance, browser issues, compliance, etc. it is Customer responsibility to notify MHS and accept responsibility for compensation of additional work to be done.

3. Third Party Software

  • A client may request third party software to be installed by MHS. Depending on the scope of work involved, MHS may charge a fee for this service. This does not indicate that MHS has any responsibility for the third party software for support, updates, maintenance, etc. unless specifically stated in a written contract between the Customer and MHS.
  • MHS may also employ third party software as part of a design or programming project. In this case, MHS will warrant the third party for a period of 90 days, during that time we will perform upgrades and maintenance as requested by the client as required to keep the software up to date with no additional cost incurred. After 90 days it is the responsibility of the client to pay for any services requested.

4. Custom Configuration

  • From time to time MHS is asked to make specific configuration changes to the clients website package. These may include but are not limited to MX record changes, zone file configuration, sand-boxed ssl, etc. It is Customer responsibility to verify that changes requested perform the intended function. It is also the Customer responsibility to check the configuration from time to time to make sure that unforeseen changes or system changes do not affect their requested configuration.

5. Server Software

  • MHS has installed a number of third party softwares to enhance Customer and user experience including but not limited to cgi support, php, mySQL, perl modules, Front Page extensions, Urchin, etc. These softwares have an end of life when they become outdated due to security issues, lack of vendor support or version upgrades. MHS reserves the right to discontinue use of any of these products for any reason. MHS is not responsible for programming changes necessary to keep a Customer site functioning due to upgrades or changes in or loss of these products.

6. Responsibility

  • MHS will make every effort to accommodate Customer needs but in no case, shall Maine Hosting Solutions be held liable for loss of business, incurred costs on the part of the client or for any service or product purchased by a client or on their behalf.

7. Notifications Policy

  • Maine Hosting Solutions periodically notifies its clients of certain security warnings and updates.
  • If a notification requests client action it is the clients responsibility to heed these warnings and act accordingly to prevent any impact on their account.
  • In many cases we request that the client update software that is installed on their account, IE: WordPress and plugins, Drupal, Joomla etc…
  • If a security notification is ignored and results in support time to correct an issue there may be billable time associated with this support request.
  • In some instances a notification will NOT be sent if the impact affects less than 1% of the client base. These security updates are typically patches to server software and require no client action.

* These terms may change without prior notice

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