Being Mobile ReadyWell folks, times are “a changing” as they always do in the world of technology!! Going mobile might be one of the best marketing and advertising techniques to be established for local businesses since the printing press was created. Local searches are growing rapidly and being “mobile ready” is a huge advantage in establishing yourself as a modern business; especially locally. Mobile searches are the #1 method for accessing local information. In fact, Google data on the U.S. smartphone states that 88% of users that are looking for local information have taken action within a day. A whopping 96% of Americans own a cell phone and in 2011 21% opted for smart phone usage.

When hearing the phrase being “Mobile Ready” you might be struck with a moment of confusion. What exactly does this mean? There are two important considerations when developing a “Mobile Ready” plan for your website: “Mobile Friendly” and “Mobile Compatibility”. These may sound similar but they are different from one another.

Mobile Friendly:

This refers to the visual design of your site as seen from a mobile device. A mobile friendly site contains a separate set of pages that are basically optimized for viewing on a small device. When the site detects a visit from a mobile phone/device, the mobile device is automatically routed to these mobile friendly pages. A mobile friendly design makes it easier for mobile users to access your information and services. Mobile friendly strategies differ from website to website, with the following examples being good starting points for what most mobile ready sites should contain:

  •  Your logo
  • An address that people can click to get directions
  • A picture of your location
  • A map (GPS)
  • A phone number that people can click to call

Mobile Compatibility:

Traditional websites often contain components that smart phones have a hard time viewing or processing. For example, you will need to eliminate any flash elements and make sure to compress images which can cause the page to run very slowly. In summary, being mobile compatible is taking the strong attributes from your existing site and shrinking them down to be user friendly on a mobile device.

Maine Hosting Solutions offers “Mobile Ready” integration:

Maximize your website’s visibility with our Mobile Ready Optimizer Package for WordPress!

– Custom Mobile Skin matching the look of your existing WordPress site- Incoming Device Detection

– Up to 3 pages of editable content (with the ability to add more)

– Dynamic Menus

– Complete WordPress Admin Integration

Go Mobile for ONLY $295.00!



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