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Google Maps Car Visits the Best Main Street in America!

Posted on: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 at 11:09 am

We couldn’t help but notice a unique visitor in our neck of the woods this past weekend, driving through our neighborhoods in a very FLASHY vehicle- The Google Maps Car!
Google Map Car Facts:

- Google Street View is a technology feature which is used by Google Maps and Google Earth that displays panoramic views of streets from all over the world. GSV was first launched on May 25, 2007 and has since expanded to not only cites and suburban areas, but also rural areas worldwide.

- Street View images appear after zooming in beyond the highest zooming level in maps and satellite images, and also by dragging a “pegman” icon onto a location on a map. When dragging the pegman icon, blue lines on the map showing Street View imagery will appear.

-By using Google Maps, users can turn on steroscopic 3D mode by right-clicking in Street View to get an anaglyph version of any Street View images. However, this mode requires users to wear red cyanglasses to see the 3D effects.

- Areas not accessible by car, like pedestrian areas, narrow streets, alleys and ski resorts, are sometimes covered by Google Trikes (tricycles) or snowmobiles. On each of these vehicles there are nine directional cameras for 360° views at a height of about 8.2 feet, or 2.5 meters, GPS units for positioning and three laser range scanners from Sick AG for the measuring of up to 50 meters 180° in the front of the vehicle.

-On November 21, 2008, Street View was added to the Maps application installed on the Apple iPhone. Street View has now also been added to the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile versions of Google Maps.

-All versions of Google Maps for the Android operating system feature Street View, and the digital compass can be used to look around the locations.

Did You Know…

  • 25,000 – The maximum number of map loads any Google Maps API can generate a day for up to 90 consecutive days without having a cost.
  • 800-1500 feet – The altitude from which most of the high-resolution imagery of cities you find in Google Maps are taken, even though Google uses the word satellite.
  • 0 – If you try to look at North Korea using Google Maps you will only see the satellite image. It’s the only country in the world with no data available in Google Maps.
  • 23 – The maximum zoom level in Google Maps, only available in a small number of places. In most areas the zoom level stops at 20.
  • 12 billion – The number of miles per year that Google Maps Navigation, included on Android handsets, has guided users.
  • 2 years – The time saved per day for users of Google Maps Navigation with the traffic routing functionality. (Source:

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