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Pinterest: New Social Media Trend

Posted on: Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 1:28 pm

There’s a new site out there that’s creating quite the buzz in the ever changing world of social media and its called Pinterest.

Pinterest Social Media Trend

To sum it up in one (very long) sentence: Think of what would happen if Martha Stewart married Donald Trump and together they formed an alliance with all the worlds best Home Ec. teachers- together they overthrew Mark Zuckerberg’s throne of social media hierarchy and created their own site. Then in turn named it Pinterest. Now, that may be a BIT dramatic but you get the point. Let’s take a practical look at what is and how being a member can actually benefit your business.

What is Pinterest? users can create a profile then have the ability to lay out their products, designs, inventions, etc on a beautifully designed online “pin-board” which is completely unique to them. You can do the following: A) run a search in Pinterest and pin the images you like to a board on your profile; or B) pin images you like from the web to the same board.  You can also receive a consistent feed of images pinned by people you follow (similar to the Facebook Newsfeed), and people that follow you see the images you are  pinning. 

 5 Ways Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business:

Pinterest Logo

1.  Pinterest Drives Traffic.  Whenever an image is posted on this site it shows: a) the website of the image’s main source; b) the Pinterest profile of the user who uploaded it; c) the profile of anyone who re-pinned the image; and d) likes and comments by users.  That’s four different ways to get your business name out there, actively engage with potential clients, and drive traffic from curious pinners to your site.  Simply put, if you’re not pinning, you’re missing out on traffic .

2.  Pinterest Is Awesome for SEO.  The old adage “if you build it they will come” is a perfect example of using Pinterest for SEO. By creating a profile description, board titles, and image descriptions that are relevant and include your keywords- you can increase your online presence and make it easy for potential clients to find you. Therefore increasing your search engine optimization!

3.  Pinterest Is Effective for Market Research. Each time an image is pinned, you can see how many comments, re-pins, and likes the image receives.  It’s a virtual popularity contest for images.  This means you can track what your audience responds to and what it doesn’t.  

4.  Pinterest= Great E-Commerce.  When posting images of products you sell, you can add a price to your image description and Pinterest will automatically put that price in the upper left-hand corner of your image. Your users can then click on the origin link for the image to buy it.  It’s a great way make sales and enhance your E-Commerce. 

5.  You Build Relationships on Pinterest.  Similar to Facebook and Twitter, you can follow and be followed by major players in your industry and target audience, and interact with them through re-pinning and comments.  The more you pin, the more you are building awareness organically -without advertising a bit.  

EXTRA: Pinterest: Not Just for Women.  While women do make up the majority of Pinterest users, we just want to set the record straight and point out that 32% of Pinterest users are male.  Male focused businesses would be wise to be early adopters, getting creative about using Pinterest to create a community early on. 

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